Welcome to the Literary Librarian!

To the Poets:

Before I welcome you back to this site, I want to say a big thank you to the poets who contribute work to The Literary Librarian. You are all amazing, wonderful people, whom I feel absolutely honored to know. Your poetry uplifts me and is a pleasure to publish. Although I have been away for a while, and am just now getting ready to start publishing more of your amazingly fantastic work, I want to make sure that you know that it means a lot to me to be able to host your work on our site.

With heartfelt appreciation and immense respect,

Amarine Rose Ravenwood (aka Nina Hall)
The Literary Librarian


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Welcome to the Literary Librarian, Dreams and Worlds, the Pantheon of Poesy, and Trick or Treat Thrillers. This journal website and the connected sister sites aim for the purpose of helping authors to promote their work by providing free interviews, free poetry hosting/publication space, free assistance with locating author resources, and a well-read platform for paid sponsored book promo posts and visual ads. Poetry video creation is a paid service we provide, as well.

The Literary Librarian conducts interviews with authors in the genres of young adult fiction, poetry, drama, literature, non-graphic horror, mystery, adventure, non-erotica romance, and children’s books. The site, Dreams and Worlds, hosts interviews and book reviews for the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, young adult fantasy, preteen fantasy, and children’s fantasy. The Pantheon of Poesy is where our poetry corner is – where we provide free space for the hosting/publication of endorsed poetry.

Our sister site,  Trick or Treat Thrillers, conducts interviews and book reviews in the genres of horror, sci-fi, and mystery. Those last two genres are also welcome here, and we have done book reviews for non-graphic horror, as well. If you are a horror author and you prefer to be among more authors in your own genre, please let us know and we will set you up with Trick or Treat Thrillers instead of hosting your interview here.

In addition to supporting authors with interviews, The Literary Librarian, Dreams and Worlds, and Trick or Treat Thrillers are also affiliates of Night Sky Book Services, which offers editing, formatting, and other book services to established and potential authors. Feel free to contact us for these additional services by following this link and using the contact form there to request information: Night Sky Book Services.

Book promo posts and visual ads by published authors are welcome, for a small fee. Please use the contact form in the menu to request any of our services.

Please note:

*We are no longer offering book reviews. Although those we have already done will stay up on the site, we find that time is a real issue, and so the book review service is, at least for the time being, suspended.

**Regarding poetry hosting/publishing, reprints and simultaneous submissions are welcome. Copyright information is Here, for those who want to know their rights.

If you have already been interviewed or had your poetry published/hosted by this journal, please know you are welcome to join our Literary Librarian/Pantheon of Poesy Community of Writers on Facebook, where you can share ideas with each other, writing excerpts, and suggestions for improvements to this journal.

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