Book Review – Roma Gray – Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon

Amazon Review: Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon: Six Trick-or-Treat Thrillers

5.0 out of 5 stars
July 9, 2015

Some of the Best Horror Fiction I Have Ever Read

This is an excellent collection of short stories, each with connections to mysterious things in our world, such as Atlantis or Bigfoot. However, these are not your typical stories relating to these things – each is an original concept, with twists and depths that are unexpected and intriguing. I very much enjoyed reading these – absolutely fascinating horror fiction with mystery tied in. Top of the line for short stories.

(Additional note: These are teasers – not full/complete stories)


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Christyl aka Chrissy Lorraine

Christyl aka Chrissy Lorraine is an artist and writer who crochets, gardens, draws, paints, and composes under a variety of pen names, each one specific to a particular genre: Amarine Rose Ravenwood is for her feminine poetry - Saoirse Fae is for her fairy tales and fairy-tale poetry - Mina Marial Nicoli is for her children's stories and poetry - and Phoebe Grant is for her light horror fairy tales and her darker, Halloween-type poetry. Preteen and teenage fantasy fiction are under Chrissy Lorraine. She is also the owner/publisher of The Literary Librarian - an e-zine dedicated to publishing poetry and interviews with various poets and authors from around the world.

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