“Mountains” by Amarine Rose Ravenwood




Poem text (repeated for legibility)

Mountains, creased and crumpled high,
Reaching fingers to the sky,
With their feet spread down below,
And their heads covered with snow,

Do they know of what we think,
When we look upon their brink?
Do they sit in silent slumber,
Bearing under ice and thunder?

They withstand the harshest blows,
And bear up tall under such snows;
Resolute, moored fast and firm,
Inflexible of root and stern,

Sentinel to many ages,
Faces steep with many gauges;
Representing permanence,
They impress their imminence.

We can’t help but gaze in awe,
And we can’t help but feel their draw;
For immovable though they be,
There’s nothing more we want to see.


Background for this Poem:

This poem was written while thinking about the Colorado mountains. Some places are known for their trees and forests; some are known for their plains and prairies; some are known for their fruit. Colorado is known for its mountains. This is how many people who live near mountains feel about them. This is how I feel about them.


Author Bio:

Amarine Rose Ravenwood writes poetry and fantasy fiction for children, preteens, and teens. She has been writing since her early teens. As well as being an author and poet and the owner, manager, editor, and publisher of The Literary Librarian journal, Amarine is also a freelance fiction editor for Night Sky Book Services and also provides services as a poetry editor for Poetry Passions Editing Services. Amarine’s poetry joins the hosted poems of The Literary Librarian’s Pantheon of Poesy as just another poem, and Amarine abides by the same guidelines The Literary Librarian has set up for all poetry submissions to this site, as just one more member of a larger writing community.


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© The Literary Librarian 2019

Published by

Christyl aka Chrissy Lorraine

Christyl aka Chrissy Lorraine is an artist and writer who crochets, gardens, draws, paints, and composes under a variety of pen names, each one specific to a particular genre: Amarine Rose Ravenwood is for her feminine poetry - Saoirse Fae is for her fairy tales and fairy-tale poetry - Mina Marial Nicoli is for her children's stories and poetry - and Phoebe Grant is for her light horror fairy tales and her darker, Halloween-type poetry. Preteen and teenage fantasy fiction are under Chrissy Lorraine. She is also the owner/publisher of The Literary Librarian - an e-zine dedicated to publishing poetry and interviews with various poets and authors from around the world.

4 thoughts on ““Mountains” by Amarine Rose Ravenwood”

  1. Dear Amarine…you give life to these mountains through the use of striking personification. I find mountains to be impressive and so very inspiring, and I miss the fact that we have none on our little Maltese island. Best regards ~ paul


  2. Dear Amarine,

    What a beautiful view in picture and word. It was kind of you to share the poem below the art for those that may have difficulty reading these words otherwise. Good use of imagery to share your thoughts. Keep up the good writing.



    1. Thank you, Karen!

      There’s always a risk of legibility issues when using script fonts, I think. Especially now that they’ve stopped teaching cursive in schools in America. And yet, I still find myself drawn to using them – especially for poetry.

      All the best,


      PS – I used GIMP (General Image Manipulation Program) to create the text-image overlay. I can do this for anyone who wants their poem overlayed over an image, as long as the poem is relatively short. I am also working on teaching myself how to make poem videos using PowerPoint.


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