“Roll of the Dice” by Mary Bone


Roll of the Dice

The dice was thrown on the table.
Will there be beans to eat? Will I wear sable?
This was a game of chance.
Hopes were up.
The stocks had fallen as the dice rolled.
Cards were shuffled all around.
Tonight there was no bread to eat.
The harvest ended on a summer day.
Grasshoppers ate everything on the vine.
We wore threadbare clothes,
There were still bills to pay.

Author Bio:

Some of Mary Bone’s poetry and short stories can be found at the following places: The Literary Librarian Pantheon Of Poesy, a short story entitled, “The Dog Days Of Summer,” is currently posted at The Literary Yard. Several of Mary’s poems can be read at www.bestpoetrywebsite.com.

Published by

Christyl aka Chrissy Lorraine

Christyl aka Chrissy Lorraine is an artist and writer who crochets, gardens, draws, paints, and composes under a variety of pen names, each one specific to a particular genre: Amarine Rose Ravenwood is for her feminine poetry - Saoirse Fae is for her fairy tales and fairy-tale poetry - Mina Marial Nicoli is for her children's stories and poetry - and Phoebe Grant is for her light horror fairy tales and her darker, Halloween-type poetry. Preteen and teenage fantasy fiction are under Chrissy Lorraine. She is also the owner/publisher of The Literary Librarian - an e-zine dedicated to publishing poetry and interviews with various poets and authors from around the world.

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