About The Literary Librarian

The Literary Librarian, Dreams and Worlds, and The Fairy Tale Garden are connected sister journal websites that aim for the purpose of helping other authors to promote their work by providing interviews and book reviews, and by offering assistance with finding author resources.

The Literary Librarian conducts interviews for authors in the genres of young adult fiction, poetry, drama, literature, non-graphic horror, mystery, adventure, non-erotica romance, and children’s books. The site, Dreams and Worlds, hosts interviews and book reviews for the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, young adult fantasy, preteen fantasy, and children’s fantasy. The Fairy Tale Garden is for true life’s fairy tales and other true stories.

A section of The Literary Librarian has been set aside for poetry hosting/publication: submissions to the Literary Librarian’s Pantheon of Poesy are available for any previously-published poet to submit a poem to once per month, as long as it meets with our guidelines. Please visit our Guidelines Page to read what these are. Reprints and simultaneous submissions are welcome.

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“I love the Literary Librarian website. It looks lovely, organised, and easy to navigate. It was also a great pleasure to be interviewed by Amarine. She is very professional, thorough, and thoughtful. She made sure that the article is error-free and that all was good before releasing it. The questions are reflective and nicely formulated … Continue reading Mystqx Skye

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Mystqx Skye

“Praises be heaped upon the Literary Librarian! I’m not comfortable talking about myself, but the questions weren’t intrusive, and I had time to consider my answers; what I really wanted to say. Amarine has genuine interest. What is shared is right on target. The site, itself, is very easy to navigate.” ~ Elaine Reardon

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Elaine Reardon

“Amarine Ravenwood’s beautiful journal is a tranquil journey. She offers various opportunities for publication. I have been blessed to have two poems published at the Literary Librarian and impressed with her beautiful presentation of the pieces she publishes. I like the ability to share thoughts about the poems and enjoy reading what others have to say … Continue reading Karen O’Leary

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Karen O’Leary

“The Literary Librarian is a useful tool for authors, librarians, teachers, and readers. The author interviews are particularly interesting, and I was fortunate to be among those interviewed, giving me a platform to discuss my books, my poetic process, and my works-in-progress. For writers interested in self-publishing or editorial services, the site offers links to … Continue reading Lynne Viti

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Lynne Viti

“With her insightful questions, array of services, and strong gathering of authors, Amarine Rose Ravenwood brings together on her site THE LITERARY LIBRARIAN an important informational and support resource for writers of all levels. Book reviews, interviews, editing services: the well is deep. Come, drink.” ~ Marjorie Maddox

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Marjorie Maddox

“I very much enjoyed my interview with The Literary Librarian. The questions were in-depth and interesting, and gave me an opportunity to explore aspects of my work I hadn’t really thought about before. Amarine was supportive and heartfelt in response to my answers. The site is beautifully laid out, a pleasure to read, and I’m … Continue reading Daniella Levy

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Daniella Levy