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The Literary Librarian, Dreams and Worlds, The Fairy Tale Garden, and Trick or Treat Thrillers are connected sister sites that aim for the purpose of helping other authors to promote their work by providing interviews and book reviews, and by offering assistance with finding author resources. The Literary Librarian conducts interviews for authors and provides book reviews in the genres of young adult fiction, poetry, drama, literature, non-graphic horror, mystery, adventure, non-erotica romance, and children’s books. The site, Dreams and Worlds, hosts interviews and book reviews for the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, young adult fantasy, preteen fantasy, and children’s fantasy. The Fairy Tale Garden is for true life’s fairy tales and other true stories.

A sister site to The Literary Librarian is  Trick or Treat Thrillers.  This sister site conducts interviews and book reviews in the genres of horror, sci-fi, and mystery. Sci-fi and Mystery are also welcome here, and we do book reviews for non-graphic horror, as well. If you are a horror author and you prefer to be among more authors of your own genre, please let us know and we will set you up with Trick or Treat Thrillers, instead of hosting your interview or book review here.

In addition to supporting authors with interviews and book reviews, The Literary Librarian, Dreams and Worlds, The Fairy Tale Garden, and Trick or Treat Thrillers are also parts of a company, called Night Sky Book Services, that offers editing, formatting and other book services to authors and potential authors. Feel free to contact us for these additional services by following this link and using the contact form there to request information: Night Sky Book Services.


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“With her insightful questions, array of services, and strong gathering of authors, Amarine Rose Ravenwood brings together on her site THE LITERARY LIBRARIAN an important informational and support resource for writers of all levels. Book reviews, interviews, editing services: the well is deep. Come, drink.” ~ Marjorie Maddox

Marjorie Maddox

“I very much enjoyed my interview with The Literary Librarian. The questions were in-depth and interesting, and gave me an opportunity to explore aspects of my work I hadn’t really thought about before. Amarine was supportive and heartfelt in response to my answers. The site is beautifully laid out, a pleasure to read, and I’m … Continue reading Daniella Levy

Daniella Levy