Amarine Ravenwood – The Face Behind the Literary Librarian

Amarine Ravenwood – owner of the Literary Librarian


Amarine Rose Ravenwood is a pen name of Lorraine Hall. She has been writing creatively for most of her life.

Amarine was first published in an anthology titled Great Poems of the Western World, under her maiden name of Christy Lorraine Thornton, when she was fifteen years old. She has a children’s book published under the pen name of Mina Marial Nicoli, and she has several poems published internationally in anthologies and magazines under the pen name of Amarine Rose Ravenwood. As well as writing poetry and children’s stories, she writes preteen and teenage epic fantasy, and is in the process of working on a series with her editor.

As well as being an author and poet and the owner of the Literary Librarian, Amarine is also a freelance fiction editor for Night Sky Book Services. She also provides services as a poetry editor for Poetry Passions Editing Services.

How the Literary Librarian Came to Be

The Literary Librarian was an idea born in collaboration between Amarine Rose Ravenwood and Roma Gray from Trick or Treat Thrillers. The idea was that Amarine would host a website dedicated to the support and promotion of fellow authors and poets, with the assistance of fellow author, Persia Black. The Literary Librarian provides a place to endorse the works of others through author interviews and book reviews.