Amarine Ravenwood – The Face Behind the Literary Librarian

Amarine Ravenwood – owner of the Literary Librarian

Amarine Ravenwood decided, in a collaboration with Roma Gray from Trick or Treat Thrillers, to host a website dedicated to the support of fellow authors by providing a place to endorse the works of others through author interviews and book reviews.

Amarine, an author herself, writes young adult fantasy novels, novellas, and novelettes. Currently, her work is in the revision phase, being edited by the previously mentioned Roma Gray, with whom she has a great working relationship, exchanging editing services for each other – Amarine edits Roma’s work, and Roma edits Amarine’s. The end result is outstanding, as each has a strong attention to particulars in writing.

Amarine’s four-book Merellian series is due to be released by mid-to-late summer of 2018. Meanwhile, with those four books having been already written and simply in the editing phase at this time, the sequel series, Laella Starlett and the Triangle Key, is now four-fifths of the way written and should be ready for editing by late January of 2018. Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming releases – you won’t be disappointed!