Book Review – Roma Gray – Celebration of Horror 1

Amazon Review: Celebration of Horror 1

5.0 out of 5 stars
June 25, 2017

Roma Gray Celebration of HorrorRoma Gray, The Gifted Magical-Horror Weaver

Roma Gray’s Celebration of Horror really shows what a great grasp she has on the horror genre. These short stories are compelling and suspenseful, and sometimes downright scary. Not many people could make the come-to-life dinosaur toy truly scary, but Roma pulls it off with inspired grace. No one has ever heard a Valentine’s Day story like the one she’ll tell you in this book, and you might think twice about curses – and vampires, as well – after this book. These are stories with strong plots that are written by a writer whose passion for what she writes is truly contagious. Be prepared to be taken on a ride, where the sights are sometimes surprising and often on the gruesome side. Roma does not write graphic violence, but she sometimes skirts right up to the edge of comfort. Wonderful stuff!


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