Collaborative Submissions Guidelines


Mountains poem by Amarine Rose Ravenwood. Printed over a public domain image.

Collaborative publications on The Literary Librarian are defined as publications that feature poetry by a poet coupled with artwork from an artist who is not the poet, or poetry on a single theme by multiple poets published together in one post.

* Poets are also welcome to submit poetry like the example in the image above, where the poem is printed over a public domain image, creating a poetry meme. It is not a collaborative work as an artist is not attributed, but it is still welcome.

Collaborative submissions are welcome, with some requirements:

  • The poet agrees to work with the artist and to be published together on The Literary Librarian’s Pantheon of Poesy.


  • The artist’s work is submitted with full knowledge and permission from the artist and the artist agrees to have his/her artwork published with a poem on The Literary Librarian’s Pantheon of Poesy. 
    • We require emails from both the poet and the artist granting permission to The Literary Librarian to publish the poem and the artwork. Please send your emails to or use the contact form.


  • All poets submitting together agree to be published together in one publication post on The Literary Librarian’s Pantheon of Poesy. This must be acknowledged via email by both/all parties.


  • The artwork submitted is high quality:
    • High Quality is defined as follows:
      • Placement of objects in the image are done in an artistic way (abstract art is exempt from this rule)
      • The image is clean and does not show tears, severe wrinkles, etc., unless that is a deliberate part of the artwork’s composition (wrinkle art, tear art, etc.)
      • The image is high quality with good lighting, not dim or fuzzy (unless deliberately so, and done in an artistic way)
      • If the image is a drawing, it has clean, sure lines and is not scratchy or in rough-sketch form


  • The artwork does not show graphic violence, blatant nudity, or anything else that might offend or corrupt the mind of a minor visiting The Literary Librarian. Keep it PG-rated, please.


  • The artwork does not contain strong political messages.


  • The artwork is not portraying any prejudice against race, gender, sexual orientation, nation, culture, religion, etc.


  • All guidelines for poetry publication on The Literary Librarian outlined here apply to the poetry being submitted.


  • All Author bios and artist bios must be submitted with the work. If the poet(s) and artist(s) have links to outside works that they would like to be included in the publication post, please submit them.


  • Dedications and information about each poem and/or artwork are acceptable for inclusion in the publication.


  • One collaborative poetry and art submission may be accepted per month, per poet. Collaborations are not covered in the one poem per month per poet requirement for regular poetry submissions. Therefore, one poet may submit one poem plus one collaboration per month to The Literary Librarian’s Pantheon of Poesy.


  • There is no limit on how many times an artist may contribute their work to accompany a poem, but it cannot be the same art piece for more than one poem on The Literary Librarian’s Pantheon of Poesy.


  • Simultaneous submissions and reprints are acceptable, as long as we are informed of the fact and where they are being/have been published. Linking to another publication of the same collaboration on The Literary Librarian‘s publication post is acceptable upon request.