Poetry Videos Guidelines Page

Sample poetry video provided by Amarine Rose Ravenwood

The Literary Librarian is proud to offer customized poetry videos created for poets upon request.

From June 6 through June 14, 2019, Amarine will create customized poetry videos for select poets for free. After that, she will determine a price to charge for the work involved in creating them.

Each poetry video will come with options that the poet can choose, such as imagery in the background for each stanza, font choices, and music choices. All poetry videos will be hosted on The Literary Librarian’s YouTube channel and the link to the video will then be hosted on Pantheon of Poesy area of The Literary Librarian.

Links to the poetry video will be provided to the poet upon completion, to be hosted anywhere the poet chooses to post it.

Please use the contact form to request your poetry video, or email us at literary.librarian.authors@gmail.com.