“Good Vibrations” by Linda Imbler


Good Vibrations Image 03-18-2020

Through the skylight,
I view
a small rectangular patch
of moon’s shine,
so bright,
like a highway line
under a day-glo light.

The power of the moon
to bring forth altruism.

Championing those,
who’ll walk
across a room,
and put a new member
of a group at ease.

Advocating for those,
while dancing in front of others,
(even if they’re solo.)

Promoting those,
whose smiles reach their eyes.

Upholding those,
who recognize misery,
and work to eradicate it.

The world will truly
be full of music
when the moon teaches the sun
to sing just as benevolently.


Some Background Information About This Poem:

“Good Vibrations” is a recently written poem dedicated to
the idea of stepping up to be a positive person and a
proponent of doing what is right to help heal the world.



Linda Imbler has five published poetry collections and one hybrid ebook of short fiction and poetry. She is a Kansas-based Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Nominee. More information can be found at Linda’s Poetry Blog.

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