“Footsteps to Nowhere” by Gert W. Knop

Footsteps to Nowhere Art by Gert W Knop
Crocuses, felt-tip pens and ink on parchment paper by Gert W. Knop

Footsteps to Nowhere

The years melted away
like short rain in the sand.
The past has lost its face
with grueling thoughts,
which circle
without beginning and end
I follow the footsteps,
to nowhere
and repeat like daydreams.
Sadness paralyzes my thoughts,
falling down from a leaden sky,
like autumn leaves


Background for this Poem:

I was on a forest walk on a cool autumn day and walked across a meadow with many crocuses on my way home. Back in my flat I decided to draw this picture and thought it would go well with my poem.


Author Bio:

Gert W. Knop – pseudonym André Steinbach – was born in 1943. He lives, since 2009, in Zittau/Saxony/Germany. He studied Grafic Arts at the Free Academy and Werkkunstschule Mannheim, Germany. He was a teacher of lithography, wood, and linocut at the “Academia de Bellas Artes of the Universidad del Norte,” in Antofagasta, Chile. He studied Tropical Agriculture in Germany and in Scotland (University of Edinburgh). Longer work stays in Israel, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and Chile. He writes poetry (German / English / Spanish), short stories, fairy tales, and plays.


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