“Grandfather’s Tree” by Mary Bone

“In memory of my dad, John Ray Barrick, Purple Heart recipient and recipient of other medals, from Burneyville, Oklahoma.” ~ Mary Bone

Grandfather’s Tree

Grandfather’s tree stood high on a hill.
The branches held him when he was a child.
He once played in its green leafy fingers.
Long limbs splayed
out in a tree house,
as he watched the clouds float by.
Grandchildren play in the tree now,
knowing grandfather slumbers below.


Background for this Poem:

This poem reminds me of my dad, who had a cot under a large tree in our front yard, in Burneyville, Oklahoma. He used to sleep on it at night, sometimes. He was a veteran of WWII and enjoyed the great outdoors. He is buried in Burneyville, Oklahoma, not too far from his favorite tree.


Author Bio:

Mary Bone’s Poetry can be found at Spillwords, Literary Librarian and other places. A short story entitled, “Koolaid Street” is currently posted at Literary Yard.


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“Walking in Time” by Karen O’Leary


Walking in Time

grandpa’s hour glass broke
years ago…
for him
ticked on
at a pace
that left him silent
our hearts had bonded
so we walked
in love…


Background for this Poem:

This poem, while fictional, is born of the special bond I had with my grandpa.  We often walked in silence, content just being together.  He patiently taught me how to wash eggs as a preschooler, a task that probably took him twice as long.  His quiet strength has been a model for my life.  For those stuck in the past, time does stand still, but yet time still continues on. My grandpa is in heaven now but is still tucked in my heart.

Poetry form–Fibonacci


Author Bio:

Karen O’Leary is a writer and editor from West Fargo, North Dakota. She has published poetry, short stories, and articles in a variety of venues including Frogpond, A Hundred Gourds, bear creek haiku, Shemom, Creative Inspirations and NeverEnding Story. She edited an international online journal called Whispers for 5 ½ years. She enjoys sharing the gift of words.


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Whispers journal


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