“Daffodils” by Jack Horne

daffodil-1446420_1920 (1)


Missing you, the grey sky matches my mood –
head down, I pass daffodils
and brighten at the sight…


Background for this Poem:

A long time ago, my beloved dog, Paddy was very ill. We all thought he would die that Easter, but the vet gave him some medication, which seemed miraculous to me, when Paddy really perked up. He was soon leaping around the garden again. We had an abundance of daffodils that year and it looked to me like the garden was also filled with joy to see him. Although we lost Paddy many years ago now, I still think of him when I see daffodils.

Poetry form: Kimo


Author Bio:

Jack lives in Plymouth, England, and writing is his main interest. Quite a lot of his short stories and poems have been published in various anthologies, newspapers & e-zines, and also two poetry books and two novels (a third novel is soon to be released).


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