“Stargazing” by Karen O’Leary



Silent sparklers twinkle;
Sisters carry my dreams.
Spotlighting the new moon,
September’s gentle beams
Showcase a fresh pathway
So new for this seeker.
Soothing lights…heaven’s hope.



Background for this poem:

In research about the Pleiades poetry form, I found it is seven line form to represent the Pleiades or Seven Sisters star cluster. Each line has six syllables because only six of the stars are readily seen readily by the naked eye. The form was developed in 1999 by Craig Tigerman.

*poetry form Pleiades


Author Bio:

Karen O’Leary is a writer and editor from West Fargo, North Dakota. She has published poetry, short stories, and articles in a variety of venues including The Literary Librarian, Frogpond, A Hundred Gourds, bear creek haiku, Shemom, Creative Inspirations and NeverEnding Story. She edited an international online journal called Whispers for 5 ½ years. She enjoys sharing the gift of words.

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