“Grandfather’s Tree” by Mary Bone

“In memory of my dad, John Ray Barrick, Purple Heart recipient and recipient of other medals, from Burneyville, Oklahoma.” ~ Mary Bone

Grandfather’s Tree

Grandfather’s tree stood high on a hill.
The branches held him when he was a child.
He once played in its green leafy fingers.
Long limbs splayed
out in a tree house,
as he watched the clouds float by.
Grandchildren play in the tree now,
knowing grandfather slumbers below.


Background for this Poem:

This poem reminds me of my dad, who had a cot under a large tree in our front yard, in Burneyville, Oklahoma. He used to sleep on it at night, sometimes. He was a veteran of WWII and enjoyed the great outdoors. He is buried in Burneyville, Oklahoma, not too far from his favorite tree.


Author Bio:

Mary Bone’s Poetry can be found at Spillwords, Literary Librarian and other places. A short story entitled, “Koolaid Street” is currently posted at Literary Yard.


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