“Let’s Stand Together” by Mary Bone


I think the world needs changing-
something for the good.
Maybe some re-arranging,
for the brotherhood.

If we can stand together,
and hold each other’s hand,
no matter what the weather-
this will be a better land.

Background and Bio:
This poem was originally published in Mary’s collection of poems, back in 2008, by Xlibris Corporation. The collection of poems is entitled, Passages & Praises. The ISBN for the Softcover version is 978-1-4363-4155-4. All copyrights were retained by Mary.

Some of Mary’s poems accepted for this year include “Purity of Snow,” Visual Verse published in January in Volume 07. The Bardo Group published some of her poetry in “The Life in the Spirit” theme on January 20th in The BezineOPA has accepted some of her poems for an upcoming issue in July. The Literary Yard accepted “Storms of Blue,” which was also published on February 27th.


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